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Wedding Wednesdays – No Flurries in Florida!

30 Dec

Forget this weather and escape to one of our destination weddings at the Westin Diplomat Resort in Florida this past summer.  This couple came to us wanting a “Platinum Wedding” and we made sure they got just that!  Although it was a destination wedding, this couple sacrificed on nothing and had nearly 400 guests fly in for the events.

The first request of this couple was to make sure the groom rode in on a grand elephant…

The bride wanted a custom made dholi to carry her down the aisle…

The forecast called for 100% showers but the couple chose destination just so they could have an outdoor wedding.  Luckily the weather gods cut us a break and gave perfect weather (think “eye of the storm”) just for the ceremony before a downpour!

The couple wanted a one of a kind entrance for their first time introduced as husband and wife.  We had a custom made video playing for the audience done by Pacific Pictures where the bride and groom made a mini-movie with the end of the movie having the couple being chased by the police on a motorcycle.  As the audience watched the chase scene, out through the back and onto the dance floor the couple rode in on the same motorcycle from the movie!  Gasps from the audience ensued…

Not that the motorcycle wasn’t enough, the couple got off and entered into a full fledged dance routine with a waterfall of fireworks going on behind them….

To even entertain the guests further, we brought in intense fire dancers from Pyrofusion to perform during the dinner….

Everything was done platinum style, including the unique decor and even their cake which was custom made and featured the cutest baby elephant wedding topper ever…

It was such an eventful wedding and we didn’t even tell you yet about the sangeet and cocktail hour which had live latino musicians and flamenco dancers dancing  on the buffet tables!  Even with all the pizzaz, nothing stole the spotlight from how happy the couple was…

I want to take a minute out to specially thank Shira Weinberger for the amazing photos.


Dear Spotlight Mondays – Confused about décor?

28 Dec

When it comes to decor, our brides fall into one of the three categories:

1) Knows exactly what she want for décor and has dreamt about it her whole life

2) Confused by too many décor choices and is overwhelmed

3) Clueless about décor or what she would even want

Regardless of which type you are, one of the very first thing Spotlight Style planners do is make couples create inspiration boards.  What is an inspiration board?  Well it’s basically a document you create where you collect all things that you love and want for your wedding events.  It may be a picture of a shoe, a feather, a dress, it may be a picture of a dancing couple to show the type of mood you want, it can really be anything that inspires you.  Inspiration boards help you and us uncover what you like and often an entire different vision emerges from what you initially begin with.

Check to see a full article on Spotlight Style, our inspiration board process and about one our #1 type (she knew everything she wanted!) brides and her fabulous inspiration boards – we have to say hers are probably the best we had all year!

Here is the link for part I :

Here is the link for part II:


With this winter storm here, you have plenty of time to start putting them together! So make a mug of hot cocoa, sit your fiancé down and start creating.


Fashion Fridays – Global Trend Spotters

24 Dec

If you haven’t heard of these two sites already, then check them out ASAP.  South Asian Bride Magazine and Marigolds & Mithai are two sites that are on the cutting edge of South Asian wedding fashion. Both cover wedding fashion from around the globe whether it be Milan or Pakistan.   They’re pictures are so dreamy and can get the wheels turning and thinking outside the usual attire for your own events.

South Asian Bride Magazine – they also sell full glossy print magazines and if you have any down time this holiday season, then this is definitely an indulgent pleasure.  We guarantee you’ll be clipping images out of it!


Marigolds and Mithai – with fresh content daily, they are always showcasing funky and one of a kind weddings.  Once you enter, you’ll never go back!


Enjoy your fashion fix for the weekend!

Wedding Wednesdays – Mela Style Cocktail hour

22 Dec

It’s hard to stand apart sometimes when coming up with event themes – these days it seems everyone wants to do the Moroccan or peacock theme.  Leave it to us though to break through and always create a new trend!  This past summer we created an Indian Mela (festival) style cocktail hour where it actually felt like you walked into an outdoor Indian bazaar.

The entire space was transformed with layers and layers of fabric draped in every color imaginable to create a grand entry way as if you were really entering into a bazaar in India.  Authentic looking carts (with actual wheels and all!) filled with glittering bangles, jewels, and bindis were actually gifts that guests could take away.

Other carts served authentic ‘street food’ on live stations (we even had a live paan station where the paan was rolled right there!) and even the wait staff wore matching kurtas and pagdi’s (turbans) to complete the mela feel.  The only way this event could have felt more authentic is if we taught the staff to speak Hindi….hmmm

We’ve never had such trouble ending a cocktail hour – guests just wanted to stay in the mela all night!

Check out more from this wedding which was featured on Brooklyn Bride,

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Dear Spotlight Mondays – How to impress your guests

20 Dec

While you’re dress, decor, venue is all about you, it’s important to keep in mind the perspective of your guests.  We’d love to tell you that it’s your unique color palette you selected that is what guests most remembered about your event, but the truth is it’s more likely one of the following items.   There are three key areas to keep in mind to keep your guests happy:

1)      Food – Truth is, many of your guests are looking most forward to the food.  Even if it’s not important to you, don’t miss out on a food tasting and bring a ‘foodie’ with you if you’re not an expert.  Also make sure to keep some standard fare in addition to some of your more ‘inventive’ items to have options for a variety of guests.

2)      Comfort – While you may love basking in the sun during your outdoor ceremony, your guests may be hot and in need of serious shade.  Make sure you think about keeping them comfortable whether it may be adding umbrellas, heat lamps, snacks for their room or an extra buffet table so they are not waiting in line hungry.

3)       Social Inclusion – Your guests are there to join you in your happiness so make sure to include them!  Guests enjoy seeing your pictures and listening to your music but why not let them take their own pictures with a fun photo-booth or let them request songs ahead of time.  The more included your guests are, the more fun they’ll have and the more likely your wedding will leave a memorable impression on them.

Fashion Fridays – Trends in guest attire

17 Dec

We’re seeing more and more women branching out and wearing non-traditional South Asian attire to South Asian receptions.  Although we gush over traditional clothing, it’s refreshing and albeit eye-catching to see women walk into a room wearing a gorgeous strapless chiffon gown paired with killer jewels.   If you’re one of those people who have to attend a bazillion weddings every season then this is a fun and creative alternative that you likely already have in your closet.  Below are some ideas that you could pull together with great jewelry.

Another great trend is pairing an embellished dress or tunic top you already own with tight leggings and then taking a matching dupatta from another outfit and putting it all together to get a modern do-it-yourself salwar suit.  Here are some styles that lend themselves well to this idea (all of these dresses can be found on

Or if you’d like to skip the DIY then you can always count on to have the latest ‘indo-west’ and contemporary pieces.

Now we’ve covered the outfit, but what about shoes?!  DEAL ALERT: There is a huge sale on right now through Monday for Badgely Mischka shoes, we personally love the ‘nude kandid’s’ they can go with any outfit and are marked down over 50%! It’s the holidays, treat yourself and maybe your sister or best friend too!

Wedding Wednesdays – Sneak Preview of Michelle & Kunal’s Wedding(s)

15 Dec

Two families, two different cultures, two different languages, two different religions – The thought of planning such a wedding can make your head spin but with careful planning it can be done!

Michelle & Kunal made sure both sides got everything they wanted with two amazing wedding ceremonies and one combined reception in the same day.  Although it was one of the longest events we have had in one day, everything from transporting guests to and from different locations and making sure everything ran exactly on time, it was one of the most memorable.  Needless to say 5-hour energy helped our entire team and the bride herself!

Check out their wedding trailer: