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Destination Wedding…do I need to entertain my guests all the time!

25 Jan

We are officially back from the Grand Cayman Islands and it was a really successful planning trip. One thing that always comes up when we are planning a destination wedding is do you have to provide continuous entertainment for your guests?  The answer is NO. Remember that your guests are using this as a vacation for themselves as well so they may not want to be on excursion 24/7.

Here are some great activities can offer your guests…or even inform them about so they can plan themselves.

Yoga on the Lawn or on the Beach – It is not very expensive and a great way to spend time with your guests.

Photos provided by

Snorkel or Stingray Trips – For the wedding we have in the Cayman Islands we have 2 boats setting off to a private sail for 4 hrs each…it gives both sides of the family a chance to spend some time getting to know each other.

Horse Back Riding in the Ocean!!! (This is something I have only seen on Cayman so far)


Do I want a videographer?

10 Jan

Many of you are wondering if you really want a videographer or probably are leaning against getting one.

Personally I think it is important to have one…if you don’t go for it you can’t every change your mind, but if you do at least you have it to look back on.  Think of it this way…if your parents had a wedding video wouldn’t you like to see it…so maybe one day your children will to…

Now the big thing is how to pick the right videograher?

First and foremost  when picking the right videographer your want to look for a professional who will educate you into the styles and options available.  Having a clear understanding will help you pick the right aritst for you.

Check out one of my favorites from a wedding we planned this year…

What is a Journalistic/Artistc Videographer?

This is what most brides today want…but what is it exactly?  Basically this means you want your videographer to capture the moments as they naturally happen. When you want a day captured as it happens you don’t want to give to much direction, this way the event will be captured as it flows.  The con to this is of course without direction there is a chance of missing important memories if you do not specify and plan for them.   When meeting with your videographer give them details of the event that mean a lot to you.  Rule of thumb you will also need more than one videographer if you want the final product to be creative.  Having a secondary shooter will give you the chance to have the cool angles and close-up sewn within your final video.

When researching for a videographer here are the key factors to look for:

  1. Their equipment should be up-to-date – Keeping in mind that you definitely want an HD video if not a blu-ray
  2. Their videos should be clean and stylish.  Their past work should speak to you…make you want to watch it over and over!
  3. They should be able to be creative, imaginative and inventive all in one.  From the little details to the overall feel every little moment matters.
  4. Above all remember that shooting is only 30% of the work…it’s the post processing that is important.  One of the reasons good videographers are sometimes expensive!

Grand Cayman here we come…

5 Jan

So if you have been following the story we are planning a wedding at the Ritz in the Gran Cayman Islands the Memorial Day Weekend…and we are finally off to get the initial part of the planning process on the way.  Until now we have spend the last two months doing our research, narrowing down the vendors, and getting everything together so we can make sure we can get as much done as possible in 5 days.

So we leave on the 19th and are back on the 23rd…in that time we are meeting with some really great vendors and I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling!
Photographer – – Check out her amazing work….

Decorator –
Hair and Make-up –

Here is some simple advise to those of you planning a destination wedding…ask your vendors!!!  The best way to get to know the work of local vendors is by asking everyone.  Once we got our list narrowed down to who we thought were the best, we reached out to the venue, dj, photographer, etc. and asked them who they would use!  This will help you get lots of incite as well as make the trip over more productive!

Here is a list of things to try to accomplish before and during your first trip!
First and foremost have a general time line – All the vendors will need this information so that can get you a proper quote
Ask for quotes and contracts from the final two or three vendors so you can try to compare apples to apples
Take pictures , your inspiration board, and swatch samples with you, so you can show it to your vendors and give them a chance to give you ideas for your event
Make appointments to meet all your vendors and be sure to give yourself enough time with each of them to build the relationship and make sure they are the right fit for you
Have a complete itinerary laid out so you can make sure to make the trip productive
Be sure to have a list of questions you want to ask your vendors
Check their references prior to your trip

Meet with the venue and do a walk-thru before you meet the rest of the vendors so you are know the flow and are able to give them the structure of the event
Make sure to get floorplans made for your event/s so you can take them to the rest of your meeting
Meet with the decorator after the walk-thru so you can design your event based on the layout and flow
Once you know who you would like to use be sure to book them right away…it is best to have the details taken care of when you are able to meet with the person