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Buffet vs. Family Style and the battle continues

28 Feb

So this seems to be the debate with everyone!  Especially between parents and the couple getting married.   Here are somethings to keep in mind:


Pros and Cons:

  • Buffet takes a lot less staffing so it is more cost-effective compared to family style
  • It gives guests the opportunity to get really hot food – since there are burners
  • You can do a lot more in terms of variety since you have space available and can easily add tables
  • The only way to avoid a line is to have 1 double-sided buffet for every 100 guests
  • It takes away from the formality and elegance of the event – it reminds me of waiting in line for food during elementary school!

Family Style

Pros and Cons:

  • In the end it is nice to have a meal seated and not have to get up when you want a piece of bread!
  • To make a family style dinner run smoothly you need to have addition staff to make sure that each table gets served and re-filled at the same time
  • Unless a family style dinner is managed by a great caterer – it has the chance of getting cold on the tables
  • Each table has limited space so you can only serve so many items….the more you pick the more cluttered your table can get.
  • It does cost more since you need to have more staff as well as rent the bowls to serve the food in at each table.

Bottom line is that cost, elegance, and your guests should be able to help you make the decision on what is best for your event.

Here is a great new idea that you maybe able to incorporate into making your event more elegant:

This is a lazy susan made especially for family style weddings.  It makes it easy for the guests to pass around food without having to worry about dropping it, and you can still have a beautiful centerpiece…

These can be rented through – or just email me…


Memorable Mendhi in every which way…

24 Feb

This past weekend we worked with 1000 words studios on a mendhi that was really special…

A beautiful Muslim bride and a handsome groom.

The love them and both families shared really made you realize that Love does conquer ALL!

There was a game room set-up for the men to keep them busy – when they were separated from the women…So it looks like the photographers just had some fun!

Talk about tying the knot!

Take a look at these great images from the event – Special Thanks to