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All About Bridal Mehndi

31 Mar

Mehndi Trends – What Does the Modern Bride Want?

Mehndi has always been a vital part of an Indian Wedding ceremony. In the past, brides were decorated in intricate patterns reaching well above their elbows and knees. But as time has passed, mehndi, as so many other aspects of Indian Weddings, has changed to suit a new era. Modern brides now prefer to keep it simple – mehndi that rests comfortably on the forearm and shins in a variety of new styles.

Many are choosing Arabic mehndi for its elegance and clean lines. Its subtlety gives henna a contemporary edge, making it the most popular choice amongst modern brides. Nevertheless, some brides are also going the other way by choosing new eye-catching trends such as gold-colored mehndi, stones, and glitter. The designs may not be easy to come by (only one or two henna artists in the States use these accents), but it can be done if you are looking for something dazzling.

What Does Bridal Mehndi Mean, Anyway?

For centuries, Indian brides have sat through a ceremony that essentially leaves them handless and footless, neurotically guarding their limbs from imminent ruin. So why? What role does mehndi play in the Indian Wedding?

It’s about love. The mehndi is meant to signify the strength of the bride’s marriage and the amount of love she is about to receive. The deeper the mehndi’s color, the deeper the adoration. Whether this love is the bride’s for the groom or the groom’s for the bride changes according to culture and family.

It’s also an icebreaker. Little games such as hiding the groom’s name in the patterns served as a way to settle nerves back when bride and groom may have barely known each other. The groom’s ability to find his name in a mess of peacocks and paisleys was also a testament to his sharpness and served as a good omen for their conjugal future.

Tips – How to Get Darker Mehndi (And Deeper Love?)

  1. Keep it on! The longer it stays on, the better the color. Ideally, you should sleep with it overnight.
  2. Mehndi comes out darker based on how warm your hands are. Stand by a heater so your hands and blood stay warmer.
  3. Mix together a solution of lemon and sugar and apply delicately to drying mehndi (not when it is wet, otherwise it will run!) with a cotton ball or by spraying. This keeps the henna moist and active longer. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  4. Get it done no more than 3 days prior to the wedding. Henna color fades with time, so try and have it done as close to the big day as possible.
  5. And don’t go too crazy! Some henna artists are mixing hair dye into the henna paste for a darker stain, but be careful – the hair dye may react badly with your skin. It is not worth experimenting with dye if it is your first time and you are unsure of your reaction.

E-mail us if you have any other mehndi-related questions or are looking for an artist to carry out a particular style!


Hungry? READ ON…

29 Mar

Imagine –the best Indian chefs in New York, a spice market, a cooking booth, a red carpet, and, most importantly, food, food, and more FOOD. Think you’re dreaming? Think again. Spotlight Style’s next event is making this tantalizing dream a reality.


When: April 7th, 2011

6 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Where: The Altman Building

135 W. 18th Street

(between 6th and 7th Avenue)

New York, NY 10011

The Varli Food Festival stretches far beyond the traditional food festival. It’s a celebration of Indian cuisine and culture in all its spicy, tasty glory. The list of activities for the evening includes restaurant tasting booths from 30 different restaurants and caterers, a food and drinks demonstration by celebrity chefs, a cookbook signing, a silent auction, a live cooking show with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, a Red Carpet event, and a customizable gift bag you can fill up with Indian goodies at the Varli “Spice Market.” All of this and Spotlight Style’s signature event planning. If you’re feeling guilty about indulging in so much gourmet fun, you’ll be happy to know you can gorge yourself and do good at the same time – net proceeds go to the New York City Food Bank.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

So who exactly are the chefs? The best of the best: Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (star of award-winning cooking show “Khana Khazana”), Chef Suvir Saran (Chairman for the World Cuisines Council of The Culinary Institute of America), Chef Jehangir Mehta (chef of the highly acclaimed Grafitti), Chef Vikas Khanna (guest judge on Gordon Ramsay’s hit show and chef at Junoon), Hemant Mathur (a tandoor master and chef at Tulsi), and Chef Maneet Chauhan (the “next Iron Chef” and chef at Indo-Latino Vermilion), just to name a few.

If you want to partake in this delicious evening,  just drop us a line and we will can get you a code to get a discount off the ticket price. One last thing… every guest walks away with $500 worth of gift certificates to the best Indian restaurants in the region (and a very satisfied belly).

Come enjoy with us!