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BRIDAL SKIN: Peel it off, Peel it all off! Advice from BridalGal’s Lilly Rivera.

18 May

While we all pay close attention to our face, to keep the skin glowing, dewy and clear for our wedding day beauty makeup, we tend to forget, some of our body parts will be revealed and are you really ready?

Renewal and spring cleaning are always top of mind this time of year. We turn our attention to discarding the old to make way for the new, and shedding the dull of winter in exchange for the vibrant, youthfulness of spring. As important as this renewal process is for nature, it is just as necessary for our skin.

Rejuvenating treatments are essential for clearing away dead winter cells and preparing the skin for summer. This is true of all skin, so think beyond only treating the face and explore how you can achieve whole body radiance. This will likely be a major concern for days spent in sun dresses and tank tops and don’t forget, OUR BRIDES!

Why Body Peels?  In a simple answer skin is skin, and regardless of where it is on the body it ages just as our faces do and is subject to the same harmful environmental elements. By treating the body with the same ingredients we use for facial rejuvenation, you can achieve healthy, radiant skin all over.

     Body peels, much like facial peels that clarify, brighten, lighten hyperpigmentation, treat acne, aging, work beyond just the surface to reduce course texture and fine lines, diminish age spots and hyperpigmentation, and help maintain healthier, more youthful looking skin. Peels are like a workout for the skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference in firmness, clarity and brightness which most of us want as we head into summer.

What You Need to Know

Though many of the formulas used in body peels will match those used in facial peels, there are different techniques and skin issues to be cognizant of before getting a body peel.

Of course, there are a variety of treatments using varying degrees of acids and enzymes to address specific concerns as well as comfort level, and a skin assessment will help determine which is best for you.

Remember, always protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays by using sun block on the face and don’t forget, the arms and chest where the body is mostly exposed.

Love the sun DON’T WORSHIP IT!

Lilly Rivera, BridalGal Radiant Face & Body


Destination Weddings: ONE Bal Harbour in Miami

10 May

Looking into a destination wedding? One Bal Harbour Resort and Spa in Miami is the best of both worlds – a luxurious retreat in the middle of a bustling city. It’s just a short drive from the nightclubs and excitement of South Beach Miami, but retains the feel of its own private oasis. With a total of 124 rooms and only 2 rooms per floor, it is the epitome of  a SLH hotel. The suites each have expansive terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, complimentary Internet, and rich interiors. The opening of an all-new American restaurant (think peppercorn encrusted filet mignon) has added to the hotel’s already impressive amenities. The spa and salon are one of the best in Miami, and there are plenty of activities (beach, complimentary surf boards, paddles boards, etc.) to keep kids busy while you get pampered. If you ever manage to leave the hotel, you can visit the posh Bal Harbour Shops around the corner or indulge at the world-famous clothing optional Haulover Beach.

Miami itself is the perfect blend of buzz and relaxation, modern and tropical, edge and culture. It’s a completely different climate only three hours away from New York City. One Bal Harbour is the ideal Miami experience and truly one of our favorites. We at Spotlight Style can personally attest to their mind-blowing catering services. The director, Alice Villar, is beyond passionate about her job, and her attention to detail will make each guest feel special. This is the perfect location for a wedding of 200 or less or a honeymoon destination. Check out the website or get in touch with us for more information about One Bal Harbour. In the mean time, enjoy the gorgeous photos…

¡Vamos a Miami!

Video from Our Florida Wedding!

5 May

Remember that fabulous wedding we did in Florida? If you don’t, check out one of our old blog posts – “No Flurries in Florida” dated December 30th. We mention in the blog that the couple had a custom-made movie made by Pacific Pictures for their entrance as husband as wife. Were you curious about the movie? Well now you can see it for yourself! Here’s the link:

And to follow through, the couple rode in on the same motorcycle from the film! The audience was totally blown away.

Want something as exciting for your wedding? Send us an e-mail and we’ll get on it!

Wedding Speech Debacles

2 May

Wedding speeches are tricky business. They can be touching, heart-warming, and uplifting for the new couple. They can also be embarrassing, mean, way too long, and drunkenly delivered. We’ve seen our fair share of both extremes here at Shaadi Studio. Today we’re going to tell you our top 4 WORST wedding speech experiences ever…. They’re such big no-no’s that we decided they needed to be memorialized on the Internet. ENJOY!


  1. After going on about how wonderful the groom was, the best man ended his speech with the following thought about the bride, “The one thing I learned about (bride’s name) is that I should never use the bathroom after her.” WOW. As you can imagine, there was pin-drop silence following this potty remark. Word of advice – don’t mention anything to do with bowel movements or bathroom related activities in a wedding speech!
  2. At a very, very traditional wedding, the white groom took the mike and told the audience, “What everyone needs to watch out about (bride’s name) is that she’s one of the crankiest people in the world when she gets up in the morning.” Not so bad right? Except that the bride was never supposed to have slept over at the groom’s! He was NOT supposed to know this information. The family was totally scandalized.
  3. Instead of a speech, one Uncle came out dressed in a clown outfit and sang “Mera Naam Joker Hai” (My Name Is Joker). Yeah…
  4. The bride’s friends spent the evening giving speeches about the following: the bride’s previous serious boyfriend, her one-night stands at college, and the many men she dated. It went something along the lines of, “I remember when you were in college and you used to date all those guys…” Eek! Talk about psyching the groom out.

Additional Wedding Speech Tips

To avoid the catastrophes above, we’ve come up with a list of tips to keep your speeches enjoyable and classy:

  1. Keep it short! 4 minutes tops. Seriously.
  2. Keep the number of speeches to 4 total.
  4. Again, for reiteration, no mention of bathroom business.
  5. Avoid talking about previous boyfriends/one-night stands etc. Not the time and place.
  6. Uh… no costumes please!
  7. Try and say nice things. It’ll brighten the day rather than make everyone uncomfortable.

E-mail us if you have any funny wedding speeches of your own! We can put together a collection of these “momentous” occasions.