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The Royal Wedding, Updates on the Cayman Islands, and More Shenanigans…

28 Apr

The Royal Wedding… are you as sick of the hype as we are? It is, undoubtedly, a fairytale occasion that brings us all back to our little girl selves prancing around the house in tiaras. But there is only so much we can take! Leave it to the American media to take things way too far (do we really need to know which Starbucks Kate likes to hang out at?). Paris Hilton phrased it perfectly when asked for her opinion – “It’s not my wedding, so, uh… I’m not really that excited…” EXACTLY.
Nevertheless, we at Shaadi Studio do have our own wedding coming up and we are excited. We have been giving you updates on the Cayman Islands wedding for the past few weeks, but now the fateful day is just around the corner! With most of the planning almost done, we are shifting our attention to the details. Here are some of the fun, personalized touches we’ve come up with:

1. When the guests arrive all blurry-eyed at their hotel rooms, they’ll find a note from the bride and groom on their doorknob saying, “Welcome to the Cayman Islands! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!”
2. Since the Welcome Dinner will be on the beach (don’t you want to be there?), we’ll be handing each guest a pair of flip flips that say, “take one, take a load off.” Cute.
3. On the night of the reception, we will be giving each guest a “midnight snack” bag full of goodies. If snacks weren’t enough, that night’s turndown service will include a slice of traditional Tortuga rum cake on each bedside table.
4. At the Wedding Ceremony, we’ll be handing out little bags of nuts that say, “We’re nuts about you. Love, the bride and groom.”
5. Instead of a guestbook, the bride and groom have chosen a giant puzzle with their names on it. Guests get to write their note on the back of one of the puzzle pieces. Much more entertaining!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The devil is always in the details.

Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with one more thing:

WATCH IT, it’s worth the laugh!