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BRIDAL SKIN: Peel it off, Peel it all off! Advice from BridalGal’s Lilly Rivera.

18 May

While we all pay close attention to our face, to keep the skin glowing, dewy and clear for our wedding day beauty makeup, we tend to forget, some of our body parts will be revealed and are you really ready?

Renewal and spring cleaning are always top of mind this time of year. We turn our attention to discarding the old to make way for the new, and shedding the dull of winter in exchange for the vibrant, youthfulness of spring. As important as this renewal process is for nature, it is just as necessary for our skin.

Rejuvenating treatments are essential for clearing away dead winter cells and preparing the skin for summer. This is true of all skin, so think beyond only treating the face and explore how you can achieve whole body radiance. This will likely be a major concern for days spent in sun dresses and tank tops and don’t forget, OUR BRIDES!

Why Body Peels?  In a simple answer skin is skin, and regardless of where it is on the body it ages just as our faces do and is subject to the same harmful environmental elements. By treating the body with the same ingredients we use for facial rejuvenation, you can achieve healthy, radiant skin all over.

     Body peels, much like facial peels that clarify, brighten, lighten hyperpigmentation, treat acne, aging, work beyond just the surface to reduce course texture and fine lines, diminish age spots and hyperpigmentation, and help maintain healthier, more youthful looking skin. Peels are like a workout for the skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference in firmness, clarity and brightness which most of us want as we head into summer.

What You Need to Know

Though many of the formulas used in body peels will match those used in facial peels, there are different techniques and skin issues to be cognizant of before getting a body peel.

Of course, there are a variety of treatments using varying degrees of acids and enzymes to address specific concerns as well as comfort level, and a skin assessment will help determine which is best for you.

Remember, always protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays by using sun block on the face and don’t forget, the arms and chest where the body is mostly exposed.

Love the sun DON’T WORSHIP IT!

Lilly Rivera, BridalGal Radiant Face & Body  www.bridalgal.com


Getting Beautified Before the Wedding

1 Apr

Beauty. It’s something that every bride wants to evoke on her Wedding Day. But doing so is not as easy as slathering on some red lipstick. It involves waxing, threading, facials, manicures, exfoliating, make-up stylists, hair stylists, and a one-day transformation into a Bollywood starlet (all the groom has to do is throw on his kurta!). Orchestrating all of these rituals so they come together perfectly on the big day requires planning. With the help of Lilly Rivera, beauty aficionado at BridalGal, we’ll give you some tips for a successful, gorgeous outcome…

Facials – When Should I Start Getting Them?

Lilly says this really depends on your skin. If you have problem skin (acne, scarring, etc.) the sooner you start facials, the better. You can begin as early as six to nine months before the Wedding. If, however, your skin is fine and you just want some extra glow, you can start a month before.


If you’ve been waxing for years and know you have no reaction to it, then you can do it as close to the Wedding as you feel comfortable. But if you’ve never waxed before, Lilly strongly recommends a “trial” at least three weeks before. This is to make sure your skins doesn’t turn lobster pink and break out in bumps on your big day.


Lilly says to go with the tried and true – the person who has always done your threading. They will know exactly how you like your eyebrows. Like waxing, you can do this as close to the Wedding as you would like. One to three days before should be fine.

Fake Eyelashes – Yes or No?

A big resounding YES! Lilly says that no matter how gorgeous your lashes are (and lets face it, we South Asians are especially blessed), they are always a good addition.  And if you are wondering LATTISSE does work…I use it myself!

Hair and Make-up

The best advice for hair and make-up is to do a trial before the Wedding. Bring along pieces of your outfit (bindis and hair pieces included) so the stylists can see it all together. If you have a particular look that you are lusting after, find a picture in a magazine or online and bring it with you! A picture is the surest way to get exactly what you want.

Beauty Trends

If you are confused about which looks to choose, Lilly says chic, elegant, and sophisticated is the way to go. Brides are veering away from the traditional, heavy make-up and choosing a more contemporary look. Ask your make-up and hair stylists for a slightly modern twist.

If you have any more beauty questions, contact us at Spotlight Style or get in touch with Lilly at BridalGal.

To your beauty!